Saturday, 24 January 2015

Momoko Hair Straightening

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We are proud to have introduced Momoko hair straightening at our salon. We have been permanently straightening hair since 2013 successfully but have been turning down a large number of customers as their hair may have been bleached or highly damanged due to various reasons. Revolutionary Momoko™ Japanese hair straightening treatment can permanently straighten not only hair in normal condition but also hair that has been previously been bleached, damaged or are fragile due to lack of strength. 
Combining deep conditioning, hair fortifying and nourising pre-treatments together with a wide rate of revolutionary formulations, bleached, damaged or fragile hair can be reshaped and its condition restored by the treatment.
My Beauty Basics is one of the Momokoregistered independent hair straightening service provider.
Treatment is performed in 10 steps by Momoko™ trained hair and beauty professional and takes around 4-5 hours. A free consultation prior to booking the appointment is recommended, to analyse the hair and enable us to choose the appropriate products and technique for your hair depending on hair condition, texture and porosity.
 Why My Beauty Basics?
  • At My Beauty Basics we are committed to source top rated products and services.
  • Stay up to date with relevant professional skills.
  • Transparent charging model. Fixed price charging for all hair types and lenghts, no hidden costs.
  • Experienced and professionally trained permanent hair straightening specialist, have been successfully performing straightening treatments since 2013.
  • Large number of satisfied customers choose to come back to us for repeated treatments.
Since the introduction of our flexible interest free payment plans for both of the well renowned Japanese hair straightening treatments,  YUKO™ and MOMOKO™, permanent hair straightening has become one of the most popular treatments at My Beauty Basics. Choose your favourite permanent Japanese hair straightening options and then review your prefered payment methods.
  • No hidden charges or interest payments!
  • Fixed price for all hair types and lenghts!